Our Staff



Our Victoria Harley-Davidson MOTORCLOTHES  STAFF and "welcoming crew"... are ready and eager to provide you with outstanding customer service and help with all your merchandise needs...

Come on in and meet... Ms. Barbara, Amber and Alison.




TIM...Service Principal, Master Technician, Certified Dyno Tuner.

Far left he's with his daughter on her 'first ride' after Amber got her motorcycle license.


Sonny and Hud...our Service Technicians.




JEREMY...Service Manager.

He is 'the man' to find the right part for the right bike!

Jeremy works hard for customer satisfaction!

Come in, relax, and have a cup of coffee!



here to help with Parts AND Service, Warranty and appointments.

Call or come by and expect a GREAT customer experience!

Meet Joe 'the Swamper'.  He goes above and beyond with numerous job duties at VHD. But, most importantly, he makes sure that when you leave on two wheels...there's nothing but a clean shine!  

ROBIN...Inventory Control.

EMILY & MICHELLE...the ones who work  just as hard... but are hardly seen...

to the right is TAMMY...Marketing Coordinator...she has 'all the fun' !




 and MARILYN.  She's always

there to help out...smiling all

the time!


Last, but not least, our Victoria Harley-Davidson shop mascots....

Bud, Todd, and Miss Kennedy